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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We are the voice of freedom

Countless voices are rising everywhere around:
In Syria and the Ukraine, in Hong Kong they do sound
Can't you hear them echoing these voices in the air
They're sounding through the  media and sources everywhere

From the brokenness of Syria to the war zone in Ukraine
The  united voices are  forming, the collective sounding refrain
Children without their mothers, the homeless on the street
Are all one  united utterance:  a  resistance to defeat

The soldiers on the horizon and the fighters in the air
Are carrying the signs of freedom to the nations in despair
We wont give up our movements and  we wont allow this wrong
We are the voice of freedom  and liberation is our  song

Monday, September 29, 2014

You nations that notice...

Oh, all the running and the not knowing
Smoke is invading everywhere we're going
Out feet are so blistered and we are so  homeless
Does any care or does anyone take notice ...?

Our children are weeping and we are so tired
Watching the blasts fly from where they are fired
Wandering and roaming inside of this strange land
We are so frightened and so needing a hand...

Nowhere's a comfort and rough is our lodging
While incoming bullets we keep  on dodging
How do we explain it: this unfairness, this running:
Our children keep asking "why all of this gunning"?

What do we tell them these innocent beings
What is the reasoning behind all of our fleeings
How do you comfort them:  children so homeless
Tell us dear media and you nations that notice..

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The dying group...

We looked all around us: we were old; we were gray
But we felt so secure and so safe in our way
We clung to our customs and we clung to our rules
We were even satisfied with the usage of old tools..

So our days grew longer and our numbers grew thin
People were dropping out from the group we were in
We couldn't understand it ..we were inviting everyone
But we weren't really ready to change what we begun..

So our numbers kept  dwindling: our gathering was undone
Because we were so unwilling to make room for anyone
We liked to have our numbers but not the change of guard
We have to make some changes even if we find it hard...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

All the world is crying out..

All the world is crying out:
Every element is starting to shout
Hear the universe, how she's crying?
Self destruction: who's denying?

Smoke is rising: fires igniting
People of every age are fighting
Bombs are falling. Homeless are running.
No one is peaceful; there's so much gunning

Threats are happening, media's flying
Fearful occurrences are all multiplying
Religious fanatics call on the Almighty:
Beheading, slaughtering so many dying?

Friday, September 26, 2014

It seemed like things weren't really going your way

I saw you as you were crying the other day
It seemed like things weren't really going your way
And though I didn't make an effort to speak to you
I could sense inside me all you were going through

I wanted so much to say  that I fully understood
And that the energies around you were not so good
But I simply watched you as you were crying from my post
And thought of what I could do to help you the most

So I took my pen in my hand and I started to rhyme
About things that mattered and were worth some time
I was thinking of you and how much you had bitterly cried
And knew words of comfort would be the best applied

Yet, something inside me shook  me up to my core
For I knew your brokenness was oozing out of every pore
And I felt so very helpless before such a sight
I was wanting to help you but was frozen with fright

Frightened that my words might simply wound you more
OR trigger the oceans withinm you to leave their sturdy floor
So I whispered to my angels about all of  my fears within
And said "Please help her", over and over and over again.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Speaking through the wind

Can you even hear them speaking through the wind
They're whispering and calling: time and time again
Showing us,  so gently, with all their quiet ways
Pathways, most certain, bringing us length of days.

Can you even feel them they're not so high above
Sprinkling us with wisdom and tiny drops of love
Motivating us inwardly with inspirations so true
Angels are surrounding us surrounding me and you.

Will you be willing to venture into their land
Stretch out to them freely you ever trusting hand
Allow them to be guardians and lights along your way
Will you be willing please tell me what do you say?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If only we could stop, a moment...

The silence is crying out to everyone who will hear
Listen to the whispers that are calling you to draw near
Apart from all the activity and apart from all  the noise
You can hear the silent echoes of an Everlastings voice

Before the dawn is breaking and the appearance of the day
Darkness cover the mysteries that are happening along the way
But with the light of morning and the brightness of the sun
We see the beautiful changes and can count them one by one

The world is all so beautiful but we fail to see it all
We're caught up in all the motions and we hide behind a wall..
If only we could stop a moment and could  take some time to see
We'd notice that everything's beautiful and as perfect as can be..

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

As the smoke clears away

All the earth is crying
Bombs and bullets flying
Casualties intensifying
Too many  non-complying

See the innocents dying;
Countless before us lying
Violent ways we're  decrying
The un-fearful  are unifying

Mother earth is truly sighing
There isn't any more trying
We shouldn't keep denying
Upon what we are  relying

Monday, September 22, 2014

What should we be doing?

The clouds, they cried out and showered the earth
The universe is needing a reviving rebirth
See how she's fainting and struggling below
The Heavens are singing: "our God loves you so"

Pounding the earth  the man made machines
Are disturbing the harmony: you know what I mean
The creatures are fearful; the elements are frayed
The angels are trembling. There's hatred displayed

There's people of faith. There's  people of good will
There isn't a struggle when the anger is still
But news and the media are playing up the fight:
The headlines are reading: "A great war's in sight"

So we ponder the reasons and we look to the skies
In every wind's  blowing some laughter and some cries
What should we be doing and what should we expect
Should we turn to the churches or arm and protect?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Releasing my abuser

You thought that you had broken me but you only strengthened me
Though I might have seemed so helpless I'm now strong as I can be
You with all of your  craziness and with all of your nonsense ways
Had only showed me truly that you're not the keeper of my days.

You tried to be so discouraging and you tried with all your might
To shake me from my hoping in a place of love and light
But you with all of your efforts were  not  able to succeed
For I'm still holding on to hoping that I'll have everything I  need...

The things that you were doing were never right to me at all
You were busy creating drama and trying to make me fall
But you will see the consequences for those who are so unkind
I give you to the angels and I have released you from my mind..

Saturday, September 20, 2014

There's music in the morning..

There's music in the morning that no singer has ever sung
There's  a harmony and a peacefulness that has freely sprung
From the waking of the universe,  the plant-lets and the trees
Oh, can't you hear the symphony? It's riding in the breeze...

Everything, that is before us all, has a melody all it's own
The tiniest little creature will sing of graces freely sown..
Even the quietest elements and the minerals that are unseen
Will cry out from their hidden-ness: do you know what I mean?

So let us listen carefully as we're starting  the venturous day
There are so many messages that  the universe wants  to say
But we with all of our busy-ness are so often unable to hear
The music of this created world: its invading our atmosphere..

Thursday, September 18, 2014

There are so many people inside this world of ours...

There are so many people who are needing to be heard
People whose disabilities silence their every word
People who won't ever shout out and who are so much alone
There are so many people waiting to hear us on the phone

There are so many people whose hearts are wounded deep
They cry inside the silence and late at night they weep
We walk beside them daily but their hurts we never see
There are so many people who are needing you and me

There are so many people who grace us with their lives
Doing for the many is what  will make their spirits thrive
Without the need for fanfare or the spotlights on the news
There are so many people who prefer the quieter shoes...

There are so many people inside of this world of ours
We are just one of the many beautifully growing flowers
Apart or all together everyone of us has so much to say::
So let us unite together and become a beautiful bouquet

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

While the world sleeps..

Darkness is covering the deep sleeping earth
As she waits for the morning her mini rebirth
The ceatures of evening rejoice with delight.
They scamper;  they jump about the lunar lit night..

The hoot owl is hooting and the rodents they run
Nocturnally bent insects are having some fun..
Plantlets and seedlings are experiencing some growth
Night time brings changes though ever so slow.

The silence of evening is like nothing we know
It carries deep secrets its missioned to sow
Releasing to us mysteries we haven't yet seen
Daylight will surprise us know what I mean?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh my dearest Savior...

Clouds fill the sky and the Heaven's are crying
People are suffering and  so many people are dying
The warring and the fighting are destroying the earth
Oh my dearest Savior how we're needing a rebirth...

See at at distance, how  the smoke clouds are arising
Terrorist with their meanness are overtaking the horizon
What is all of this madness that  they are shouting with hatred
Oh my dearest Savior protect us from a complete annihilation

The evilness of the warring and the selfishness of fighting
Is creating a world where the children  are truly frightened
Tanks and the artillery and the rockets with their screaming
Oh my dearest Savior is this a reality or am I really dreaming?

Did you even see me.......?

             For all the nameless souls who walk our streets...

Did you even see me while I was walking down the street
You didn't stop to speak; because we wouldn't ever meet..
And the traffic all around was creating endless sound
No commonality was found: I was fixated on the ground

Did you notice me over there? I was standing all alone
In that crown so full blown ..being quiet like a stone
Not knowing what to do, afraid of looking up: it is true
You simply passed on through.. what else was there to do..?

I was struggling every day and people passed me by the way
No one ever stopped to say something like:...have a nice day
But rather in all their hurry no one ever noticed my worry
Taken up with endless scurry people walked on with eyes so blurry....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

No one is listening to the Truthful One's voice

I hear it, inside me, this voice loud and clear
It's challenging me to speak out to the far and the near
Of a weeping world crying out to an Omnipotent One
Over all of the destruction and the murdering being done..

Is there anyone insightful and so unselfish with time
Who can heed all the  pleadings and wordings of rhyme
To take hold of the media and to turn it all around
So that  it will only be a mirror of  the  truth that is found

Too often we are guided by the phenomenal and the brass
But what's need more surely is a change in the mass
Who run after the spectacular and that which has noise
While no one is  listening to the Truthful One's voice.

in the name of the Almighty?

In the name of the Almighty the things that we do
Causes angels to weep and the created world too
How can we claim it the religion we profess
When all we're displaying is pure selfishness

The fighting, the warring, the stealing galore
The hours of activity in the great global war
We're losing our identity and going with the crowd
Is the anyone courageous please shout it out loud...

Step away from the popular and flashes of light
Speak out to the nations they're losing their sight
This moment of insight from the Great Heavenly throne
Is challenging the people to think on their own..

Beautiful the breezes...

Beautiful the breezes that are blowing through the trees
Magnificent..the oceans, the skies and the seas
How wonderful the universe in all of it's ways
We're blessed by the Omnipotent throughout all  our days..

The soothing sound of wind streams and the sounding of a bird
Creates in us a peacefulness and erases bad things heard
All about us the artistry: unshaped by human hand
Leaves us with a consciousness of One we can't understand.

Every morning we awaken and every vision of the  day
Gives  us so much beauty that our hearts  seek words to say
Immensities of wonderfulness displayed the earth around
Remind us that their Greatness yet we haven't seen or found

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Radioactive atmosphere

Listen to the flowing wind
Hear the message deep within
Signs and wonders in the sky
Angels  warning you and I

Flames are shooting here and there
Neon lights are everywhere
All the world can see the show
Celestial streams touch earth below

More and more the Heavens speak
Of the  ominous signs unique
Radioactive atmosphere
Causing  havoc far and near..

Friday, September 12, 2014

The most beautiful artwork

Crickets are serenading the coming of dawn
The darkness of night and the evening are gone
Sounds of the morning and the approaching of day
Awakens us up to the Creative One's way...

Peaceful blue stretches of sky we can see
The most beautiful artwork there ever can be:
Varieties of creatures and plantlets and trees
Secrets and wonders are riding the breeze...

Our own little paradise is before us right here
A golden ball of fire is piercing our atmosphere
Warming up our universe with its ever potent rays
The brightest star of morning illuminates our ways

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Whispers of angels are sounding around

Whispers of angels are sounding around
Look at the universe and hear all its sound
Weeping and fighting and making of war
What will be happening; what else in store?

The weathering world is so ready to break
All of the universe can see its mistake
Instead of the unity and harmony sublime
Man has become hateful and wasteful of time

The creatures are fearful they're ready to run
So much of this destruction is  all over done
The homeless, the orphans, the aged: they cry
All of the created ones are questioning: "why"

The time keeps on passing and nothing will end
People are too greedy and are not eager  to bend
The timing is everything but no one has time
Everyone's in a hurry so.. it isn't really a crime? ...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We can still find an oasis...

A misty dew is falling and the cloudy skies are showing
Nightfall has brought a downfall and rivers overflowing
The universe's been shaking with the rumblings inside her
All the world has been trembling: nations are not so secure..

Rumors of a battlefield and people  are so  frightened
Country after country are watching violence, so heightened
Peace loving people see the numerous clips from the media
Explosions and catastrophes and some new forms of bacteria

With all of this that's clouding us;  all of this breaking news
We can still find an oasis: a place of peace if we so choose
Stilling all  our senses  so as to disable all of this outward fuss..
We can find the answers within the One who has created us...

Monday, September 8, 2014

Unspoken hurts

This broken heart keeps on bleeding quietly
Tears keep on falling but nobody can see
Years of the deep trauma kept tucked away
People are clueless because I won't ever say.

Smiling and laughing, it's so hard to believe
Traumas I've been through, hurts I've received
Hiding my woundedness;  it won't ever show through
Only the angels can know of it and a select chosen few..

How many are the wounded that walk on our streets?
We gaze on them daily but we won't ever meet
Carrying their brokenness beneath all that they do
We feel their deep loneliness; yes,  it pierces us through

What are the best remedies,  the cures for our blindness?
People are crying  out but we are tight with our kindness
Some how we're comforted  in  not knowing the wounded?
We find so many excuses for not including the excluded ..

Sunday, September 7, 2014

In everything that is around us

Breathe in all of the peacefulness of this brand new day
For so much beauty and so much mystery is waiting along the way
Quietly beneath the powdery puffs floating across the sky
Is an echo of Eternity in everything that's passing by.

The colorfulness of the warming sun. The golden beams it sends
Gives the world a peacefulness it so rarely comprehends
The softness of a gentle breeze or the roughness of the storms
Gives messages to all of us mortal ones in so many different forms

We have only to be more open to all of the createdness around
And take some time to listen to the world's multifaceted sound
For in everything that is around us and in everything that is
Is found the imprint of the One who can give us endless happiness

Friday, September 5, 2014

It's necessary and needed

I touched the sky that was touching the ground
And tasted the dew drops that were floating around
I heard all of the whispering that was moving the wind
And listened to the sunrise announcing morning again.

I heard the soundings that moved through the trees
And listened to the scampering carried by the breeze
The ruffling of the plant-lets, the branches, and the leaves
Moved me to places that no one else ever sees

The lighting of light bulbs and the fizzling of wires
Is preceding the "rituals"  that daily transpire
The rat race of running and the going here and there
Is all part of that working world seen every where...

Another good morning  and another good day
There aren't many  moments till we're off on our way
So it's  necessary and needed to start off quite slow
For once we get going's  about the running you know...

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Such is the beautifulness

The sound of the wind streams  touching my face
The beautiful flowers that are waving with grace
The scampering squirrels and the chirping of birds
These are the  actions that capture my words.

A smile on a brand new baby or a ruffling of the leaves
The tiniest little creature that no one else perceives
The grandest of the oceans or the highest of the hills
These are the things that can give my heart thrills

The absence of the spectacular the greatness of  naught
The immensity of treasures that can never be bought
The whispering of willows and the hollering of the breeze
Such is the beautifulness that keeps captivating  me

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Before the rest of the world awakes

Before the rest of the world finally awakes
And trees begin bending and starting to shake
I rise to greet morning: the approaching of day
And drop some thanksgivings all over the way

I can see at a distance a glimmering of light
The morning star dancing, with rays ever bright
Pushing through darkness she's bringing us dawn
Sparkles of daylight announces night is all gone

Without need for the speaking or rackety noise
The universe breaks open without audible voice
Sounding her secrets on the wings of the wind
She's inviting us to wisdom and an oasis within.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The night cried out....

The night cried out about all the day's broken people:
The outcast and the lame and those who are treated as unequal.
She shook inside her silence and wondered through the darkness:
Is there anyone who can remedy all the earth's unruly harshness?

The angels softly whispered as they hovered  with great pity:
Is there anyone to stop this overtaking of every city?
Machinery and missals are moving about with so much hatred
People are in a panic because of wars they label sacred...

The seas and all the  elements are gathering together:
"If we don't shake them up they won't be changing ever..."
And so we see the whirlwinds and the quaking earth break open
The  Eternal One cries out but we  act like He hasn't spoken

How long will we all continue in this act of self destruction
We who are all one family are such strangers to discussion
The answer for every problems lies in the bombs we're dropping?
Then why are there so many homeless and so many sounds of sobbing??