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Thursday, January 31, 2013

No storm lasts forever

The night roared with winds that frightened me from sleep
A storm brought a chill that chased away all the heat
Trees were out of sorts and their limbs began to fall
Mother nature let out a cry and was shaken by it all

With the morning came a calm and a somewhat cooler breeze
But every once in a while a gust will shake  up all the trees
Across the lawn lays the remnants from the noisy nocturnal wind
But the sky is  so much bluer and a new day's about to begin.

Starting off behind schedule I refuse to fret and run
I'll simply let the moments bring whatever must be done
Yesterday was a whirlwind but today won't take that pace
There's no need to let any upset rob me of any grace.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When I saw your tears

When I saw how the tears were falling from your eyes
The thick clouds seemed to cloud  up my once sunny skies
For I can never bare to look upon another who's in pain
Without there being a thunderstorm or a downpour of rain

Would that I could stop all those gems as they fall
But the angels are the ones who will gather them all
Though it seems like an eternity the pain you now know
I will be here right beside you my support I will show.

How terrible the trauma that is holding your heart
Would that I could erase it all, right from the start
But life has is tragedies and its moments most blue
All I can do is be with you in all you're passing through.

A lesson from lateness

The morning snuck into my night
But she didn't wake me with her light
Rather she whispered and gently spoke
"Isn't it time that you awoke?"

So from my bed and to my knees
I was begging Jesus " help me please.
So many things waiting to be done
I want to ponder but have to run."

While I  was rushing from my prayer
I was tossing dishes every where
Not ever thinking about my haste:
Things once broken become a waste

Despite my hurrying I totally forgot
The peace of mind that I never got
I could have taken a slower pace
For everything that happens is a grace.

Next time  it happens that I am late
I will not let tardiness determine my fate
For all this hurrying unbalances me
And robs me of beauty I'm meant to see

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Silence your mind

Warmer winds are blowing towards the city today
Inviting us and challenging us in their own way
Whispering so softly they are bidding us arise
The first glimpse of morning uncovers sunny skies

The coffee is brewing and the floors start to creak
Crickets stop humming as the dawn starts to speak
A beautiful sunrise breaks off the sleep of night
Angels are singing everything's going to be alright.

The movement of creatures and the sighing of trees
Can only be noticed when the interior eye sees.
We have to allow moments that show mystically
The secrets that are hidden in each day's mystery

So quiet your movements and silence your mind
Listen to the whispers in each second that you find
For deeper than the ocean and broader than the sky
Are the wonders that are waiting for both you and I

Monday, January 28, 2013

Broken but not lost

She looked up at her mother and then started to cry
What ever had she done wrong, was there a reason why
Her mother would beat her until bruises were found
Why was it she was beaten whenever no one was around?

Her mother was so violent and so quick with the curse
Never did she hug her or give her money for her purse
The little one was so ragged and so inwardly small
She appeared as a poor one and was laughed at by all.

The teachers worked together to make up for her lot
They would give her obligations that no one else got
She was broken and tattered and such a pitiful sight
She was always so fearful with the coming of night.

Many others would speak of her sister being hurt
But few ever realized she was being treated like dirt
For she was keeping it silent and hardly would speak
Only after she had left there did others get a peek.

Many were astonished at what she kept deep inside
Others said they knew of the things she would hide
But no one ever offered to help heal  what was sore
Until she came upon an angel with an ever open door.

Since then she's been changing and learning  how to see
That she's worthy of God's love; and  it is her destiny
And though she can't retrieve back any one of those years
She's risen up a new creation,  washed clean by her tears

Sunday, January 27, 2013

To my Creator

You can see my brokenness and You can see me whole
You can see my potential and You can see my soul
You can see my everything; You can see  my days
You have accepted my weakness and accepted my praise

You're my inspiration and you're my final destination
You're my lasting hope and my courage in frustration
You're my every moment and You're in my every day
You're the reason that I'm living: You're the only way

You have spoken to my  being and have spoken from above
You have spoken to my brokenness and spoken of Your love
You have spoken to me in the morning and also in the night
You have spoken to me of Heaven: told me things will be alright

Because you stopped to notice me I'm awed with reverent fear
And though I am feeling unworthy; You continue to pull me near
I thought that I was so hopeless; yet you extended Your hope to me
I cannot help but wonder and pray before such infinite generosity

Saturday, January 26, 2013

You can be healed

You're carrying inside you all the hurts from another day
And you're not really sure just how to let them go away
There's something about them being all stored up inside
That's keeping you fearful of the rest of the world outside.

So let them all go now and rest yourself for a awhile
Take courage and know that you've made it through the trial
Yesterday's not your problem and tomorrow is not here
So why not make the best of the present day my dear

No doubt that those remnants of the past and painful ways
Will try to slip into  your memory and disrupt your best of days
But you can call them out just as they're starting to appear
And tell them to be gone: you don't want them anywhere near

Friday, January 25, 2013

A glimpse of Heaven

While I was in my slumber the angel entered into  my being and he spoke
He reached out in my spirit and touched every single place that was broke
Carrying to me a message from the Almighty and the Eternal One above
He reminded me that I was always being surrounded by God's Infinite love

Tears were beginning to flow inside of me without the presence of any sound
I knew I was experiencing something that is not usually on this earth found
Talking with the angel I was able to see things without any doubt or any fear
Unlike any dream I've known this one has left me with mystical visions so clear.

Walking in a mist,  that was aglow with the Light of the Immortal One Divine
I saw things like angels and saints and ancients ones from a long ago time
Each one was shining with a happiness I could feel so deep inside of my soul
I knew I was in my final  resting place my longed for and sought after goal.

Would that I could have stayed there forever but morning broke into my sleep
And I arose with a feeling that left me in awe and with thoughts ever so deep
I wondered how I could have been there: somewhere so beautiful and  so unique
It has left me with a new insight into the Heavens and the Immortal one I seek

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spill out all that is hurtful

You're feeling broken down and some words are hard to say
You do not feel like talking and nothing's going your way
So take a pen and paper and let your fragile spirit soar
Spill out whatever  is hurtful and don't hold it any more.

Sometimes the writing down of what's hurting you inside
Releases all the tensions and throws the negative outside
No need to keep it in  you if it's weighing your spirit down
Let out what ever is painful and see what peace can be found

Blogging down your emotions and all that's in your heart
Will give all the healing energies a healthy place to start
You don't have to share them, any of those writings anywhere
But blogging will become for you a healthy form of healing care

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The healing effects of blogging

(this is my own personal take on things) 

Do not think me foolish for my willingness to  write
Of things I've had to deal with and habits I must fight
For too many people out there are so foolishly misled
And believe that certain feelings are better off unsaid

So we have a world parading with unreal but happy faces
While their innner beings carry scars that no one ever erases
We're living in the time of gurus and many trains of thought
But how many really you teach you that wholeness can't be bought

Instead you're going through  videos and countless books galore
Thinking they have the answers that you've been looking for
But if that's not quite enough for your ever searching mind
There's seminars and retreats and groups that you can find

But when all is said and done and your pocket book is bare
How much  do you know yourself and the people everywhere
Has it  all been worth your while, all the things you had to buy?
Wouldn't it had been much easier to have given blogging an earnest try?

While the world is silent

While the world is silent and taking her nightly rest
Nocturnal creatures wander and the moon is at her best
Somber sounds rise up from all creations gentle sighs
The universe is aglow with the radiance from the skies.

Great playfulness is witnessed as the rodents freely run
And crickets sweetly play out all their melodies for everyone
Noises from the night time are so much different from the day
But this is what's so wonderful about God's creative way.

As the dawn's approaching there's restlessness in the air
Nocturnal creatures are hurrying up to find their hidden lair
Morning doves are waking up while the  blue jays gently call
Shining in the eastern skies is the most precious sight of all

How many times we've missed the "stuff" that makes up our every day?
We hurry up in all our whirl winds and take no notice along the way
So much beauty and so much awesomeness unseen by one and all
Isn't it about time we stop to notice even the tiniest flower's call?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I keep on hiding

I have inside of me: all of this stuff
Painful memories of times so rough
I can't believe it and  it's hard to see
That someone close won't be hurting me

So I keep on hiding enveloped by fear
Not allowing the hurtful anywhere near
Afraid that somebody will  make me sad
I keep on hiding from the good and bad

It seems so foolish and so  cowardly
Yet it's how I learned to deal you see
But I keep on hoping for brighter times
Resulting from therapy and blogging rhymes

Monday, January 21, 2013

Have you ever noticed

The morning has snuck in with all her beautiful array
Warm shining sunbeams and blue skies are on display
Happy birds are chirping and singing out to me
Join with us awhile in this most happy melody.

Everything is glowing with the radiance of the Sun
Plants and trees and everything are calling everyone
A dance is to take place inside the universe today
And we  have all been invited; but we can walk away

All creation is alive and is singing out with care
Songs are being sung with happy movement everywhere
Sounds from every creature are echoing to and fro
Have you ever noticed them; I really want to know.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The temple that you are

It is not outside of you or in some place very far
That you'll find God's Temple for this is what you are
You don't have to be travelling or wearing fancy clothes
The Eternal One is within you and always very close

So whenever you are congregating and singing your Amen
You're witnessing to His Presence that's already deep within
It's not from the walls of buildings or from the polished pew
That you’re becoming united to the God inside of you.

You're already that precious palace that vessel of God's grace
You’re simply allowing God’s goodness to flow out from your space
To touch the lives of others while being touched by theirs
This is why people are gathering and vocalizing their prayers.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Go Easy On Yourself

How many times have you been weeping all alone today:
Thinking that, for you, there can be no  hopeful way?
You're feeling broken up,  beyond anyone else you know;
And so you are  fearful no matter where you choose to go

Others are finding it hard to understand all of your fear
At times you prefer loneliness to having anyone come near
The sufferings you've known come from another time and place
And so others can't empathize with all that you have to face.

Do not ever give up on the path that will lead to your wholeness
You will come to a day when you are not so full of brokenness
Be patient with yourself because of all that you've been through
Knowing that the greatest friend you will need is going to be you

Friday, January 18, 2013

God's Beauty On Display

 Silently the wind is whispering and the clouds let down their rain
A gentle stream of water flows and  covers up universal pain.
Soaking in the moisture from all those showers falling so  sweet
Mother earth is creating colors for all the  children she will meet..

The moon has taken off to some other part of this restless world
Millions of tiny sunbeams light up as they're  being unfurled.
Sparkling splashes of and continuously remain
Crystallized by all the showers that fell with the morning rain

Everywhere around me I can see God's beauty on display
Every creature keeps reminding me: Heaven is the way
Everything can work  together and create a peaceful harmony
For this is how we were all created to live and ultimately be..

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It isn't easy being okay

I need you to try to understand that it isn't easy to be okay
Though for you it isn't difficult, I stumble for words to say
Because of something that happened to me so very long ago
I cannot begin to trust enough to let all my feelings show.

I struggle with my brokenness and my memories make me cry
Sometimes I want to sit alone even when others have stopped by
Because I'm feeling inadequate compared to all the rest
I feel I'm never doing enough even though I've done my best.

All those who had been abusing me cannot ever begin to know
The damage and the scarring their abusing started so long ago
For they  think of it like some yesterday or some moments that are past;
But I am still that little broken one asking "how long is this going to last"

White blankets of snow

Chilly winds are gently singing their sweet melody of the snow
A winter wonderland will delight us with  it's powdery crystal show
Quiet creatures are off scampering to make ready for this change
HOw delightful it will be to see what mother nature can arrange.

Fluffy snowflakes from the Heavens will soon greet us without sound
As they drop to create a blanket of white substance upon the ground
The most awesome sense of mystery. this brush of white can bring
Our hearts will fill with wonder as the snow falls on everything.

There are challenges to the traveller whenever the snow does fall
But the beauty that it creates always inspires the great and small
There's  purity in its silence as it's covering the earth with care
Reminding us that every season has its treasures it wants to share.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Angel beings are all around us

While the world is sleeping, the angel spirits faithfully fly
And watch over all their charges from their place in the sky
Moving around so gently they are the guardians of our sleep
Angels are the company that we should always want to keep.

Whenever we are frightened they bring us courage and their care
They whisper to our spirits and tell us God is everywhere
Though we may never see them, angel beings are all around
Sometimes they bring inspiration and in people can be found.

Whenever you are lonely and feel the heaviness of the day
Be assured that some angel will be coming along your way
For the Almighty created angels to shine His Heavenly Light
And they whisper out His directions so we'll always know what's right.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let go of all those hurts now

Let go of all those hurts now, why do you keep them all inside
Don't you know that you are precious and you do not need to hide
Although you have suffered  severely and you are feeling so afraid
You don't have to keep on carrying that burden of being betrayed

You can let it all disappear now all those hurts you can toss away
For you are a brand new creation with so much potential for today
Letting go will never mean that you have totally forgotten your pain
But that you are inwardly deciding in which moment you will remain

Healing is not so much about the forgetting but it is about becoming so free
That you can look on the scars that you carry as signs of your survivability
You will become for others an inspiration a reminder of the much better day
That is waiting for every broken person that has suffered along the way

When you thought no one was around

I heard you the other morning when you thought no one was around
You were weeping and crying; your broken heart was creating sound
I couldn't help but notice that you seem to be searching everywhere
What you're needing is not something; but, it's someone who will care

Please quiet down those voices that keep echoing in your head
Don't let another's cruelty keep you prisoner of  fear and dread
I know it seems so hopeless, this place in which you have to be
But you will come out all the stronger.. just you wait and see...

Today can be your new beginning for yesterday's not in the way
You don't have to be carrying around those sorrows from the other day
You're worth more than all that nonsense that keeps torturing your mind
Let go of all that is hurtful and you will see what you can find.

Monday, January 14, 2013

I can hear you as your heart breaks

Those tears that keep on falling I can see from far away
I can hear you as your heart breaks with words you cannot say
You feel that you've been orphaned  with no one left to care
But there is always someone listening; someone who is aware

I sit here in my solitude and I can hear you as you sigh.
My heart begins to tremble each time you weep and cry.
Though I've never seen or met you; your every sorrow I can feel
I will always be here to help you; for my loyalty is so real.

Whenever you're feeling lonely whenever you're needing a friend
Shout out to me through an email; I'll answer before  day's end
I'll take the time to respond to you,  I'll never ignore your cry
For I know what its like to be feeling that life is  just passing by

In the silence before the dawn

How softly and how gently the morning is calling out to me
Both inviting and welcoming she is whispering peacefully
All the world is still asleep but that is quite okay
For in the silence before the dawn I like to begin my day

The lunar light is fading and the morning star begins to rise
A special kind of beauty emerges from the newly painted skies
Splashes of orange and yellow are mixing in with the baby blue
While the creatures of the dawn tell us that night is through

What an awesome sense of mystery is trickling across the earth
Each time a new day awakens the universe is giving a new birth
To a brand new infant moment that will grow into our day
How do we welcome such a beginning that comes across our way?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I need time to heal

I am so broken and I am needing time to sort through all this stuff
I have seen things and been through things that have been pretty rough
I wish that I could be for you that person you are wanting me to be
But I am only starting my healing; there's so much hurt inside of me

Things have happened within my life that I can never speak out loud
The trauma that I have been through makes me afraid of any  crowd
Not having the right to speak up for so long within my journey
Leaves me struggling to express what is keeping me in  captivity.

I know someday I will be looking at things in a very different way
But right now I am still struggling; not sure of what to do or say
I thank you for all your patience and the kindness you have shown.
I appreciate that you have reached out to me while I was so alone.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A break from the winter routine

A gentle mist of fog is now stretching across the sky
It creates a sense of mystery for both you and I
The winter has taken a pause from its casual routine
And has given us a glimpse of the not so distant Spring

The winter months are upon us but we feel no bitter cold
A break in the seasonal pattern, weathermen have foretold
Its gives us some needed respite and a much needed break
From the frostiness and the cold the winter winds can make

Despite the winter's iciness and its ever freezing breeze
There is also beauty in its presence that everybody sees
From the sweetly falling snowflake to the artistic frost
Winter leaves her images on everything she's  embossed

I kept it all inside

I kept it all inside: all the secrets and all the tears
I couldn't let anyone see: the brokenness from so many years
So I ran for most of my life from the truth that was deep inside
I busied myself with stuff and with all the noises from outside.

It was all going so well, my little world of make believe
Everyone thought I was so great and I continued to deceive
But deep inside of my being, my emotions were all so worn
No one knew how broken I was yet the inside was utterly torn.

Finally there came a day when the enormous wall fell down
And everything I was holding within suddenly scattered around
People were truly shocked and amazed by what was  there.
So many of them left me alone and I was teetering on despair

I gathered up a remnant of courage that was deep inside my heart
And took  my brokenness to someone who could tell me where to start
There was no more time for running, or for my world of make believe
I would start embracing the truth so that my spirit could finally breathe.

Friday, January 11, 2013

These feelings

Should I be feeling guilty for all of these feelings deep inside
All these emotions and this rawness which I was suppose to hide
Nothing of what has happened was ever caused because of me
So why do I feel like the prisoner of my own personal tragedy

Could it be because that for so long I have had to keep it inside
That those who were closest to me tried to cover it up in  pride
Why was it that it was to be hidden and never spoken of outside
What kind of God would be rejoicing in his children being denied?

In the name of the most holy trinity my suffering was encouraged
Letting out of any of my secrets was so dogmatically discouraged
Sanctity and suffering   was something taught to one and all
While  "holy mother church" kept sanctioning the abuse of the very small

He wouldn't ever smile

 The little one didn't ever look up or smile and was always found alone
While everyone else would run and play he would wander off on his own
Something was wrong with the little child it was as obvious as can be
But no one ever ventured over to ask him why he was so full of misery.

Other kids would mock his silent ways and would sometimes push him down
While he was crawling to get back up, his tears would shower the ground
He never responded to their ridicule or ever spoke up when he was hurt
He simply carried himself like one who felt lower than the lowest dirt

When he got home from school each day he would run and hide with care
For he knew what was waiting on the inside  he hated going back there
An angry father with his angry words would curse him and beat him so
While his own mother would treat him like somebody she didn't even know

This would continue to happen each day until he couldn't take it any more
He packed up his belongings inside a bag and went out the living room door
It wasn't too long before the media was speaking of the boy from that place
He had lost his life while looking for shelter it was truly an awful disgrace.

The nights were always scary **trigger***

The nights were always scary because the monster always came
He wasn't any casual stranger.. for, he held the family name
What made him o so scary were  the bad things   he would do
He made me feel so awful;  then threatened me when he was through

My sister, she also knew him;  but she was much braver than I
She ran away from all the bad stuff but I was too scared to try
So while my sis was beginning the  journey to become whole
I was busy dodging the monster who was trying to kill my soul.

Its a shame that a child should suffer or ever experience pain
For tragedies that happen in childhood throughout a life can remain
The formative years are precious and when they're lost through hurt
The adult survivor will struggle with identity and self worth.

What Trauma does....

Sometimes I've experienced moments,  when I felt so very afraid;
And I became the victim,  of my old memories  being displayed.
Unable to erase the images from those visions that would  appear
I  would become a prisoner to that period that produced such fear

It's not a  pleasant feeling when I recall all those painful years
It leaves my spirit shaking while my eyes overflow with  tears
The reality of the trauma that has happened some time ago
Keeps coming back to my memory and disturbs me with its show.

Have you ever known such moments, such terrible flashes of fear
When the past becomes your present and the present is nowhere near?
IF so,  you are quite normal, for trauma affects us all this way
It keeps the scars from healing and the past becomes our today.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

So often unnoticed

Hush now, be silent, the universe wants to speak
How deep are it messages and its voice is unique
So often  unnoticed and quickly passed by
The universe keep on calling, I just heard it sigh.

Every morning before sunrise sweet echoes are heard
From the tiniest little seedling to the greatest bird
Melodies from the portals of the Lord God Most High
Have you ever taken notice or heard creation  sigh?

What can be more delightful or give us more peace
Than the sound of the Infinite whispering through the breeze
So often sending us His messages without any noise
We need to be quiet to hear the Eternal's voice.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How wonderfully God has blessed me

Sneaking inside my window and dancing upon my face
The beautiful rays of sunshine  alert me to God's grace
So slowly I pull back my covers and rise up to start my day
To my knees I reverently fall down and allow my soul to pray

God's beauty is all around me and gratitude is inside my heart
Everything about me envelopes me with a peace that won't depart
How wonderfully God has blessed me and given me all of His love
Every creature serves to transport me to His Heavenly portal above.

I cannot ever seem to explain it: all this wonder and awe within
Each time I gaze upon the universe sweet Heavenly melodies begin
I am completely overtaken by the tenderness of the Eternal One Divine
Who reaches out to me whenever I'm needy to calm  this poor heart of mine

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Don't give up on what is hopeful

Though your world may seem to be crumbling
and your plans may fall apart
Don't give up on any of your visions
or ever let your faith depart
For everything that may be challenging
and trying to your soul today
Can contribute to your victory
and bring blessings along the way

Sometimes the path may be frightening
and the darkness may be everywhere
And you might feel that you are struggling
without any help or care
But do not give up on what is hopeful
for things aren't always as they seem
For as quickly as it has come to you:
trouble can vanish like a dream.

All creation is crying out

Can you hear the wind, it's whispering; and blowing through the trees?
Have you ever tried to understand all of the melody inside the breeze
Have you attuned your ears to hearing what so many others cannot hear?
The universe is one great symphony and is inviting you to draw near

Every tree is reaching out to you and offering to you some shade
The flowers and plants are speaking through their beauty that's displayed
The creatures that are crawling about and  scampering here and there
Are reminding you of all the beauty that can escape you unaware.

All creation is crying out to us with its words so pure and sweet
Speaking to us of the simple things and  the wonders we could meet
Too often we are  caught up in all the rushes leading us to nowhere
So let us take the time we need to discover what's everywhere...

Monday, January 7, 2013

Don't forget your little ones

Don't forget to show your little ones
that you know they are there
Don't rush  into your daily routine
without showing them some care
Nothing can become so important
as to stop and to actually see
That your little ones are up and healthy
or might be needing some "tlc"..

Work will always be waiting for you
but the little ones will need to know
That you can actually see their littleness
no matter how fast you  go
Children are so keenly sensitive
and their imaginations are so grand
That the way that life's happening around
helps create what they understand

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stop thinking that way

You feel that you are not anything
and  that you have nothing in you to give
You feel that your life counts for nothing
and that you haven't even begun to live
Why keep on harboring all that awfulness
and fragility of being?
Don't you know you're truly precious,
and much more than you are seeing?

Stop listening to all those voices
that have you wallowing in your hurt
Push aside all of that nastiness
that would make you feel like dirt.
You are truly a priceless masterpiece
a singular vessel of God's love
For you the Almighty lowered the Heavens
and gave you access to things Above.

For too long you've held that brokenness
and it won't ever allow you to be
The confidant of the Eternal One
or the companion of the Trinity
For too long you've walked that journey
of painful memories and of tears
So let go of all those yesterdays
let go of all those years.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

What we teach our children

The little ones are such precious gifts sent from God above
Shower them with your kindness and give them all your love
Do nothing to disturb them,for they are vessels of God's grace
Love your little children and keep them safe within your space.

Helplessness surrounds a child that has never experienced love
A child shouldn't have to live in fear or be badly spoken of
Parents are the shapers of the little one's forming mind
Whatever a child is displaying now, within the home you'll find.

Do nothing that you wouldn't allow your little children to do
Whatever you're wanting them to learn they must also see in you
Children are like the little mirrors, you'll look into every day
Whatever you are revealing to them they will also display

Friday, January 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes in life, we experience change
And things will be altered and rearrange
The people in whom we were able to rely
Will begin to leave and say goodbye

Tears will fall and hearts will break
As we try to undo some apparent  mistake
Not knowing the need of our letting go
So that the void will help us grow

We will cling forever  and try to delay
The moment that takes our familiar away
Wishing and proposing, we start to cry
But the inevitable happens, we say goodbye.

Life has its moments, the good and bad
We will be happy and we will be sad
But we mustn't ever be afraid to cry
And when we must, we must say goodbye

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The privileges that are ours

How softly the silence is whispering to one and to all
Come now and hear me speaking in everything great and small
For beyond all of the appearances and beyond all of the glow
Are the mysteries of the universe that everyone should know

We are often so very busy that we cannot even begin to hear
The murmurings of the universe which the angelic beings revere
Yet they are louder than the echos of the mightiest roaring sea
Why is it we cannot hear them. and why is it we cannot see?

We walk within the sacredness of the Eternal One's spoken word
We have before us, our paradise, and its melodies we have heard
yet we fail to grasp, completely, the privileges that are ours
We have our constant connections to the Creator of the stars

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just waiting to be found

The morning sun is breaking through the clouds of the passing night
And though the air is frigid the warming rays are a welcome sight.
Distance sounds of waking up can be heard from the evergreen trees
Winter may be upon us but hope keeps whispering through the breeze.

Though the youthfulness of summer has hidden away for just a while
The springfullness of the squirrels playing can bring about a smile
And though the flowers of spring are dormant and butterflies fly no more
Winter has its own special beauty and its ours to find and to explore.

Take some time to explor  the wonderland that is stetching out before you
Listen to all the happy creatures singing and observe what they will do
So much can be learned by simply gazing on this world so vast and round
The beauty and treasures of our every day are just waiting to be found

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter is finally here

The chilly winds are whispering and touching us so deep inside
While frosty breezes are painting their icy masterpieces outside
The cold is quietly settling in  affecting everything that is around
Silence becomes the melody which the universe begins to sound

The winter is slowly settling in with all of her freezing stimuli
Her icicles are starting to appear and reach out for you and I
Seasonal ice is glossing over all this world so drab and drear
Isn't it simply wonderful that  the winter is finally here?