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Sunday, October 9, 2011

To the Abuser

Tears are falling in the middle of the night
There is no one to tell her its going to be alright
She is hurting but no one sees her pain
Abandonment is a scar that will always remain

She is looking  for someone who is not there
Somehow she was thinking that you'd be the one to care
But you hurt her in the middle of the night
Confusion has overaken her, blurring all her  sight

Are you so heartless that you don't even care?
Can you keep on hurting people without being aware
Of the scars you're leaving  in the middle of the night
Or has your conscience accepted the darkness over light?

Picture for a momennt the tears on her  face
Doesn't it fill your heart with a sickening disgrace
What moves  you to hurt so many people so
Are you so bitter that  hurting is the only thing you know?

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