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Monday, October 10, 2011

Quieting Down

Quieting down my spirit as I watch the fading light
I venture into the silence that precedes the coming night
All the noises of the day slowly begin to disappear
As I  listen to the music  my spirit wants me to hear

Sometimes we must go apart from our daily routine
And enter into another world that   often goes unseen
We must enter into our being and exlpore our inner mind
To encounter all those answers that we are hoping to find

 And if we are not quite sure of the answers we have found
There are many skilled counselors to help us get around
But we must be most careful in selecting our special guide
Not everyone is worthy of the secrets we must  confide.


  1. Beautifully written, Joy !

    I sit quietly daily to hear the gentle voice leading me toward healing and love.

    I am so ANSY !!! Yet, I am learning to be calm to disrupt the ruminations that create anxiety, panic and insomnia.

    Thank you for sharing your heart; it is safe with me.

    I am so grateful that God brought us together on this amazing journey !

  2. Hello Celeste,

    What a beautiful name and what beautiful words. I am so happy my heart is safe with you; there are not many place that it is.

    I am most grateful to God too, that we are together sharing..

    Hugs and love



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