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Friday, October 28, 2011

Just be you

You're looking all around at what others seem to do;
You begin to question inside the value of being you.
You feel that other people accomplish so much  more;
You begin to make comparisons, your ego's feeling sore

You think inside such things like: if only I can be
So much like so and so : everyone would like me
But what you fail to realize  is  in everything you do
You will always end up being nothing more than you.

Instead of focusing on what the others do each day
Resolve to work on improving all you do and say.
You don't have to be like the neighbor who's next door
Rather make it your resolve to love "you" more and more

Too much time is being spent on  useless competition
You'll never reach your goal, if keeping up is your ambition
Make you your own priority and keep "you" before your mind
Work on building you up and  see how much peace you will  find

This world is run like races that no one ever seems to win
Because the goal line keeps on moving time and time again
 You must resolve to  break away from all of the craziness
If you are ever to  find true peace and inner happiness.

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