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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gardening Tips

Today I spent some time in my garden deep within
I saw so many weeds; I didn't know where to begin
Weeds were everywhere;smothering my  life inside
I knew I'd  have to be gentle with the weeding I applied

So little by little I'll removed them; the negatives deep within
And encouraged everything positive to push forward and begin
It was quite a  fiasco taking place in my garden today
I felt so very  accomplished watching the weeds fall away .

If you  have the leisure and are going to do some weeding
Don't  pull up with the bad, the good plants you are needing
Take your time and be gentle for your life is not a race
Once you take out whats good; it's awful hard to replace.


  1. What a lovely way to view the healing process, Joy !

    When I am gardening, I often think about not pulling up the weeds until the flowers, fruits and vegetables are well-grounded first.

    I SOAK the garden, so the weeds can be gently removed :)

    Such a profound metaphor :)

  2. Hi Celeste.. its nice to meet another gardener amongst us survivors. I remember soaking the ground too. ;) course then thats where the tears and frustrations come in . ;) thank you so much for adding more meaning to the gardening tips.


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