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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Despite the odds

Yesterday is over now and you are living   a new today
Let go of all those hurtful things that on you heavily weigh
If you need to speak of  them in order for you  to heal
Speak with the utmost confidence; be careful what you  reveal

Some may mock your brokenness and break you once again
You were once a wounded soul , you don't need it to re- begin
Though you've been through fiery trials; walking  so often alone
You're  like the rising  Phoenix emerging from all the  hurts you've known

Keep on pushing forward .then and walk with head head high
You are beating all the odds out there and the statistics you defy .
Despite the brokenness you've known and the sorrowful yesterday
You are becoming a shining star that will brighten the darkest  way


  1. I like each and every poem you write. The words,the feelings behind them. BEAUTIFUL..

    all the best
    marinela x

  2. One of my absolute favourites!
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Marinela: blessings to you ..thank you for your very kind and encouraging words. .so glad you stopped by; please stop by any time.. love to have you.. Joy

    Lynnie: So glad you found it helpful. it really was to help me too :) <3 Blessings and peace to you



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