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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You will always be you

The Night-time is falling and I scamper away
To the quiet place within me where I can stay
The night owl is  crying his familiar hoo
Who  my dearest one , tell me who are  you

Does what others say ever  change who you are?
Will  your soul become stained by another's scar?
Will you ever  become what others say of you?
You will always be yourself no matter what  you do?

So as you are pondering this in the stillness of the night
Remember  that deep within you will always have a light
It can't  ever be extinguished by other's from outside
So dont be afraid of those who would hurt you with their pride.

 I am including here motiviational video by a twitter friend which
seems to fit perfectly here....thanks Alan..Alan works with
youth and is a motivational speaker ..Follow him on twitter
for very nice positive quotes:

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