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Monday, June 6, 2011

Nature Sings

Nature Speaks

trees sing to me softly of how they once were
little seedlings just wobbling unstable and unsure
and then as time past they grew stronger each day
withstanding the storms that passed by their way

robins sing sweetly of their first nest
how learning to fly meant leaving the rest
It wasn't easy at first saying their good bye
to enter the unknown of the great blue sky

roaring heroically and motioning to me
is the mighty and restless majestic blue sea
telling its wanderings time and again
no one really ever knows all its treasures within.

Unseen but not unheard the wind calls my name
telling me its power comes not from great fame.
but rather it goes forth doing what it must do
and that greatness can be found it little thing too.

finally the sun and the moon in their shine
speak softly and gently to this poor heart of mine
telling me stories can be found here and there
i have only to listen to what nature has to share

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