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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A little late today

I am a little late today finding that positive space
But am  trying really hard to get to my secret place
I see it at a distance  and can hear a cardinal sing
So I'm entering into the moment forgetting everything

I am picturing all the flowers and trees along the lake
A mama bird carries insects for her babies to partake
The sky above is blue and there are no clouds around
I'm  listening to the melody  which my soul has found

Peace is slowly coming in and fills this  heart of mine
As gentle rays of sunlight warm me with their shine
Morning songs have  begun but I havent missed a thing
For there are still some birds chirping inviting me to sing.

 Thank you all my winged friends for helping me today
Through your song you have led me out of a painful stay
I must go now from this place for duty calls me to
But hope to sing yet another day some melodies with you

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