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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Early this morning

Up early this morning to greet the newborn day
Ready to listen to all creation has to say
Woodpecker is singing   and the cardinal too
"We are so much happier because  you're not blue"

All creation is singing the trees gently sway
The universe presents me with a brand new day
New hopes and new dreams and some difficulties too
Such is what's  waiting to be witnessed by you.

Somehow I thought there would  be a different sound
Didn't think difficulties were part of what's to be found
But old owl in the tree blinks twice and saids hoo
"who is without difficulties, certainly not you.."

Butterflies flying and busy bees  too
Tell me there's  work and some relaxing to do
Not all will be intense and not all :carefree
Each day will be a mystery to be opened by me.

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