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Saturday, August 1, 2020

My untold story

Because I couldn't agree with them and say that they were right
They abandoned me all together and wouldn't even write
They gossiped amongst each other and created  an empty fable
That they would pass  around each other whenever my name came up at the table

You see, my life was so much different than the one they passed around
A saintly and earthly mother is not someone I knew or found
So because I could not claim it or agree with the  things they said
They treated me like I was the enemy or someone diseased or dead

Must I pretend to never have suffered it: the abuses I knew and felt
From the person they raise to sainthood while all I knew was hell
Must I keep my mouth shut forever and never speak this pain out loud?
Tragedies and untold stories they cover up with their pretentious shroud..

Unless you've  walked the road I've walked on and felt the strap of pain
Don't tell me I've no reason to shout out about memories that still remain
While you paint up ..your pretty pictures to soothe your guilty minds
I still sort through the broken pieces of my childhood's stored up finds