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Monday, July 13, 2020

Weather warning

Cicadas are singing their most soulful song
Wind storms are coming..and it wont be too long
We see them at a distance but right now, we'll  sing
Wake up and get ready for these wind storms will sting..

The elements are all charged up and the air fills up quick
Moisture and humidity are all a good fit
For storm clouds,  now forming, and creating a song:
Hurricanes and tornadoes are part of this throng

The Atlantic is warming and a haze starts to form
Like weatherman, all certain, these conditions.. will warn
Of tempests and turbulence and waters that flood
This year will rise up like a most memorable one....

Take heed and be preparing for these storms, they will rage
Like warriors they will head out and headline each page
Battering the coast lands and slaughtering the earth
We won't be able to believe it but it'll happen for sure...

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