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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


I stand with you, the black, the white, the person with voiceless cry
The immigrant, the Asian, the Native American ...whom we  all deny;
And I cry and I weep and I sing my song of  coming evolutions
Knowing that knowledge is the only way we'll come up with stayig solutions

I run with you, my friend, my foe, my neighbor I have never met
And try to seek for reasons that we all try to forget
The atrocities..the shames ..the things we ought to remember
So that we don't let them rise up again like some flame from an ember

I die with you the abandoned, the wronged the shamefully alone
And wonder and wonder...why you could never feel at  home
With this world of great plenty and with more than enough
You deserved so much better and didn't deserve any of this stuff

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