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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Can you hear..can you see?

The skies are all crying,they drop down their tears
Buckets of sorrows and triumphs and fears
Weeping and sighing as mother earth cries
Laughter and heartaches and heartfelt goodbyes

Clouds are all forming the thunders they roar
Earth starts to quiver and shake in its floor
Statements are made through breezes and wind
Listen and hear want they speak to us  within

Waves are all crashing and seas overflow
Mountain once standing are leveled so low
Someone is trying to speak out to us here
Can we not hear it ...this loud atmosphere?

Voices from peoples who have  long passed away
Come through the moments that make up each day
See how the stories from our yesterdays return
Lesson stills linger... we still need to learn

How long will it take for us to see and to know
That love is the reason we were sent here below
We have all wandered away from our callings within
And settled for things that allow  divisions to begin

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