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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What have we become

Before, ever, there were  any immigrants.. before or me
Our land belonged to others who were  so bold and free
But ..then..we came and took  it.. and claimed it as our very own
And now we are, all,  barricading a king upon his throne

What are we, all,  becoming... in this land of freedom's touch
If not something so ungodly that we take and take too much
Because of our first beginnings, we walk with so much frailty
And are grabbing and grabbing from others; denying them liberty

So if we are suppose to be loving...and living as God children, most dear
Why are we becoming so much more selfish:  our faith system's so unclear?
We've forgotten the Rock, of our Salvation and become for ourselves a God
And deny everyone else pursuing them:  these same freedoms and roads we trod..

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