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Monday, September 2, 2019

A hurricane keeps crawling

Tragedy and destruction are airing before our eyes
A hurricane keeps crawling and darkening all our skies
Powerfully uprooting and blowing it all  away
Dorian, we see you ..and are hoping you will not stay

The Bahamas,  all shattered,  still have you all around.
You batter and bash them and bellow with great sound
You're upsetting and heartless and leave a terrible mark:
Oh Dorian, we beg you, please don't leave us in the dark

The headlines are many and the weatherman can only guess
The path you are undertaking's like a game of chess
You break through every barrier and catch us unaware
We cannot overcome you, you're too much for us to bear..

We plead now, with the Heavens, with the God who made us all:
Please stop it ..this monster..that continues to churn and crawl
We've had it; it's too much: we don't know where to turn
Oh God, of all created; what lessons, must we learn

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