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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Where are you headed, Oh Dorian?

Where are you headed..oh Dorian..we're really wanting to know
We've packed our bags and boarded homes and we're so ready to go
Your path, it's changedl it moves ahead: the weathermen don't know what to say
We watch we wonder and keep the story reassembles each day...

We see your winds ..increasingly turn..they mount and build up strong
You turn your crawl and speed up again .. our predictions are going wrong
We'll wait and watch and say our prayers and check back minute by minute
To see who's next to be inside your path and who's no longer in it..

Oh Dorian kind and calm and don't catch anyone by surprise
Give warning enough to those who watch and to those with drooping eyes
We know your power your possabilities we hope you'll spare us all
Be happy enough to turn away and let your presence be just a warning call..

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