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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Do you have time to hear this?

Quietly ..the morning is breaking through. the remnants of the night
And we are getting  a glimmering of her beauty and her coming light
Golden beams are starting to glow and we are seeing the beautiful rising sun
How wonderful it is to see it all coming about..the new day that has begun..

Gently every molecule is starting to circulate and invade our space
We are feeling the sweetness of the dawn as she kisses us on the face
Brushes of the passing breezes and the softness of the blowing winds
Are turning us all towards the Creator  .. as this new day gently begins.

The temptation to rush, right through the everything. is surely here
For it's how we would normally function the day is drawing near
But something deep down inside of us is saying .."Take your time"
"Listen to the elements and the universe and maybe create some rhyme..."

Oh the peacefulness of the sounds that we are all beginning to hear
As the morning starts to shine on through the dark of night that begins to clear
Creatures of every kind are jumping out and poking at everything around
Searching for those morsels that would prove to be the best they've ever found

Closing down on this rambling that I am wanting to share with you
I hope.. I have been able to challenge you  to think for   a minute or two
What is it ...each morning... that is captivating and holding your mind?
Do you always have to rush around and hurry through the evolution of time...

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