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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Dayton, our dear sister..

Be still all you elements and molecules too
Too many these heartaches that are filtering through
My heart cannot take it . .my soul is in pain
Our earth is chaotic with  murderous refrain

Dayton our dear sister and sweet city of gems
Is now flooded with heartache and bloody red hems
Another mass shooting... another painful event
Is crying out to the Heavens:  oh killers..relent

What are we becoming and what is this about
The earth is being saturated ..the elements all shout
Hatreds and fighting ... prejudices too
Becomes all this violence that's coming on through

Don't make this about politics or  debatable view
These tragedies and heartaches merit something more  true
Put away all  of your self seeking ...  your gathering of votes
Dig deep down inside you and compose some sympathetic notes

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