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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Can't you hear it

Won't you listen, can't you hear it .. all that silence everywhere
It is speaking is shouting but no one hears it anywhere
In its caverns gently resting ..priceless treasures all aglow
Are inviting and describing all the secrets we should know...

Hear the movement of the many: countless angels  on the run
They are watching and are keeping: gently chiding everyone.
Spiritual beings sent from Heaven with a mission, that is  dear
Keeping humans ...from destruction: all their warnings ..we should hear

Have you tried it... this old remedy: sweet redemption for our minds
Quiet musings.. meditations.. forming music and sweetest rhymes
From the Spirit deep inside us from the Heavens to our souls
God is using prayerful moments to instill in us His lasting goals.

Would you venture .. would you try it .. penning down some simple thought
See what wisdom streams on through you if you surrender as you ought
All the Heavens..all the angels.. all the universe that is around
In an instant a moment and through the Spirit can be found..

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