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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Be that living testimony

If you believe in Jesus and you say you really do
Why aren't you more like Jesus wherever you are passing through
In every one of your actions  ..are you with everyone..the same?
Are you truly that living testimony of our beloved Savior's Name..

It is all, so very exciting, to post those faith filled bold remarks
On your Facebook or your twitter.. like some Spirited fiery sparks
But what about those many places where nobody else can give acclaim
Are you still that living testimony of our Beloved Savior's Name

Are there some things you're ashamed of..and will never ever will tell;
Yet you go on with all your  preaching and sending everyone off to hell?
IF you are a truly that Believer that is missioned to become a flame
Then you'll become that living testimony of our Beloved Savior's Name.

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