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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Visions, insights, thoughtful prayer

Curtains closed and fans are blowing
Silence gets my senses flowing
Mysteries roam and fill  my head
Every moment holds what God has said

The lack of movement..lack of noise
Gives me things the world destroys
Visions insights thoughtful prayer
Open dialogue with the God of air..

Certainly, the secrets, keep me singing:
Happiness over what God is bringing..
Lovely lifts and Heavenly spaces;
Endless streams of infinite graces

Nothing on this earthly universe
Can compare to what inwardly stirs
When the God of all we can care to see
Leaves His Spiritual gifts inside of me..

Would that you and all around me
could see the things my eyes can see
The glow of Heaven and angelic things
Nothing like this earth's sparkly things

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