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Friday, July 26, 2019

Morning muses

Take some time to breathe slowly and listen the wind
Slow down what you are doing...I am asking you again
So much have been missing..and so much  you can lose
The energy around you .. is something you can choose

Look out of your window and see everything that's there:
The sky up above you ..and the gently moving air
The creatures who are seeking and looking for some food
Everything around is saying: Life is really good

Temptations might be taunting and moving you to be sad..
Creating for you images that make everything look bad
But, you have it inside you .. the spirit of our God
You can disperse all of these robbers with one single nod

Don't let daytime escape you without enjoying what's  there
Or night time overtake you without entering into prayer
You are spirit and body and need a balance for the two
Nothing is more fulfilling then a Godly is true..

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