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Wednesday, July 17, 2019


Today's weather is so disastrous; it looms over you and  me
I'm stepping, right out, inside of it: and it isn't hard to see
That this great big shower of humidity: this cloud of moisturous air
Is more than ready to give to us..and  more than ready to share

The sun outside is so glorious ..but it is relentlessly bearing down
All over this busy metropolitan..all over this busy town
It is heating up all the elements and it is heating up all the air
Breathing becomes  more's happening everywhere

It is surely a time to be slowing down; and it is a time be aware
Of the immensity of humidity that is taking over all this air
For those of us, who are laboring,  to take our every breath
This weather could become a harbinger of our near impending death

So pay attention to the weathermen and pay attention to you
You own spirit, inside will self preserve and will warn you it is true..
So don't push yourself too needlessly and don't push yourself at all
This heatwave could become a catastrophe..don't ignore its wake up call

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