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Friday, July 12, 2019

Facing the elements..

Starting off the day... the temperatures are high
I will not make a complaint... and will not  blink an eye
For I "love" the humid air and the stuffiness inside
It makes me feel invincible:  a certain sense of pride

I dance around the molecules and swing around the heat
I let my speeding pulse rate, create for me the beat
I sing   the wonderful wisdom, that comes when I am hot
I should be totally miserable... but thank you, God, I'm not..

The kitties all are laid out children  on some sand
They yawn and yawn a little bit; and paw the air at hand
They take the inclement weather.. like champions that they are
They've learned to face the "temptations" in a  jar..

You too can find some happiness in the challenges that you meet
If you learn to hear their rhythms and can pick up on their beat
You'll start to dance around them and with them you will sing
God is still the Creator in this moment... and in everything...

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