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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Can you hear the whispers?

Morning's whispering to my soul: "It's time to rise and shine"
So much beauty's waiting here ... nothing's out of line
Trees and plantlets; jumping birds; rabbits nibbling away
Waiting for me to greet them all; as I'm starting out my day..

Molecular formations, all unseen; and atoms two by two
Create the atmospheric feel that will push our day on through
The beams of golden yellowness, sweets extensions of the sun
Reach out with so much givingness: and neglect not even one..

The sounding silence from the earth.. supports the creatures song
And if we can listen hard enough we'll be able to join along
For their melody is that of peacefulness that comes from what they do
Our hearts and minds can become their words if we allow God's graces through

Too much rushing and too much noise can smother out the Love
That's oozing from the streams that flow from the Eternalness above
We need to be silent and to be still and let the Spirit speak
For He's not going to try to shout... in His stillness we will meet

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