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Friday, June 28, 2019

We're needing a new America

Can we not try to be more caring and more loving every day
And not always be the ones who have to have right of way
What would it cost us any to sacrifice and show we care:
If only we didn't have to hear our praises everywhere..

What would our world be like if everyone would look around
And help those needy people who are longing to be found
What if we'd let down our barriers and would pull down every wall
We would begin to see the broken and the helpless: great and smll

We have this strange idea of what being human really is
And feel that we have the right to be behaving such as this
Pushing around our agendas and not respecting the rights of any
Doing what we can to advance despite the needs of  many

We are a divided world because we have lost the light within
And have adopted for ourselves a new rule book to help us win
The praise of all the peoples and the respect of the new elite
We frown on the little people and the beggars on the street

A new prophet we are needing...a new voice who will shout it out
That this path that we have undertaken should never make us proud
For we're shunning all the beautiful for the fakeness all around
We are needing a new America ...where the love of others will abound..

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