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Friday, June 7, 2019

Stop for a moment..

Before the morning can share her shine
There's a song inside this heart of mine;
And I unite it to the earliest song
That starts to sound before the dawn.

I can hear the sparrows as they all sing out
Without the need to boast or shout
Their melody precedes the morning glow
That brightens us all.. with its overflow..

A sudden sense of calm and peace
Overtakes the noisiness inside of me
And silences the murmurs the inner revolt
That cause my heart to fret and jolt..

The breeziest touch..the quietest air
Envelopes my heart.. with a tranquil share
From the places angelic and thrones Divine:
I can feel my soul become a shrine...

If for a moment..a second or two
You can stop and hear the voice in you
You'll hear the One the Eternalness Sublime
Transforming each moment.. each second of time

So listen and ponder and please be still
Let all of the wonderment of eternity fill
Your heart; your soul.. your waking mind
With melodies no person can create or find

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