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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Oh the wonderfulness

Whispers of the wind are dancing upon my face
Molecules and atoms are opening up all over the place
Early morning sun is aglow with its healing beams
You look and you look: all is beautiful it always seems

The quietness is only interrupted by the peaceful melody
Chirped out in all freeness from a bird you cannot see
Lightness and all awesomeness is merged inside the dawn
How much wonderfulness is all around us .. I am so deeply drawn

Hush now, try to hear it all the soundings of this day
Riding upon the breezes and echoing along the way
The Eternal and the mortal  are forever in sweet exchange
The more we surrender to Him the more our hearts will change

We cannot begin to explain it all this beautifulness all around
Our eyes are ever seeing it and our ears are ever in its sound
We could go throughout a lifetime and never come to see
That everything we are needing has already been given to you and me..

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