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Thursday, June 20, 2019


Morning shines into my room
Singing perfume;
And she serenades my heart..
Challenging me to a beautiful start

No resistance shall I make
To her suggestions as I wake:
For I know as all can know
Morning brings the Eternal's glow

Rising up I stretch and gaze
At all the wonderfulness of this day
Stars now hidden but not the sun
Clouds are gathering .. day's begun

Creatures romp and wait for me
To toss them out their daily seed
Squirrels, rabbits, cardinals too
Many a bird type..this is true

Off to water the flowering plants
Who invite me into  sacred dance
As they flow without the  breeze
They teach me one sees

So, it is, each day I will rise
To venture out with open eyes
To see the  wonders that await:
Gifts from God..from Heaven's gait

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