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Monday, March 18, 2019

Before anything else..

Before you open up your phone,and before you write a thing
Look into you heart, dear one, and welcome coming spring
Hear the birds; the blowing breeze; the sky: so bright and blue
Even flowers can bring some love and speak a word or two...

You have all the day to work and run; and even the time to talk
So why not spend the  time at dawn, and take  a little walk?
Go out into the blowing breeze and let it gently touch your face
You will find   the waking so filled with amazing grace...

It won't take long before cars will zoom and bring some dreadful noise
So, take some time, this early morn and enjoy life's silent voice
Listen intently and soak it in: all  the beautifulness of this day
Early dawn will bring you much; if you, just,  let it have some sway..

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