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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

For my friend..on her birthday...

                          For: Lena Klumper

You came into my life when, I was in such a fragile way
You led me through the dark times.. into the brightest day..
With everything you were doing and with everything you said
You helped me erase the hurt-ness and the memories from my head

I want to say my thanks now, and I am hoping that you will find
Your road is filled with blessings; as, you have been to mine
An angel and a helper; and a  sister I hadn't ever known
I thank you for being participant in this friendship God has sown

Today this day in February: this final day before the last
I'm hoping you will have a good time.. a enormous happy blast
As you celebrate today, your birthday and remember again God's love
I hope you have moments of euphoria that'll lift your soul above

Happy Birthday my dearest friend now ..happy birthday and so much more:
May the angels and all of the Heavens.. come marching through your door
To celebrate with you some festivity, and to give up with you: a hurrah
May this be the most blessed birthday ..a day you'll want to, always recall..

Happy Birthday

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Silent, no more..

They're wanting to "canonize her", the one who did  me in
She was the one, who, cruelly beat me . time and time again
So why should I become participant words I can never say
I would rather withdraw my presence then to lie in any way

I tear up whenever I hear it:  the falsities they choose to  say:
"She was so very wonderful" but I didn't know her in that way
I watched her as she beat my sister; I  knew her as:  beating me
So why should I pretend that she was some image of sanctity

Somehow there was  this common mantra, this utterance of dysfunctionality:
"Everything is  fine and dandy"; but the truth wasn't that you see...
For it was within our human nature to paint pictures that weren't ever true
Just so we could be more accepted... but what good did  that ever do?

So..I'm tired of all of this pretending, this silencing of all my hurt
Just to feel a  bit more accepted by someone who hasn't known my worth
I'm not going to refrain from speaking it: the truth that I have known
So if you cannot accept my story; just keep believing in your own..

Friday, February 22, 2019

Away from the parade...

Every moment and every second is carrying a lesson
Something so valuable, it's worth our investment
If only we could see it, and if only we really knew
How awesome and precious is each hour passing through

The sound of the second hand, that's turning all around
Could awaken our senses and alert them to sound
But too often we are so busy and so often we are afraid
Of stepping out into the silence..and  away from the parade..

To be motionless and quiet is not  easily done
For the trend of the many is to run and to have fun..
To think of being silent and apart from the flow
Is not the path  chosen by the majority you know..

So would you be the adventurer, who embraces the  now;
And steps out into the vision of the invisible somehow?
Would you embrace the intangible and evade  every sound
Would you take a moment where the time piece isn't found?

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

He is hearing and can see

Subtle sounds are waking me
Wind is blowing cold and free
Icy whispers hit the pane
Soon will touch it: freezing rain

Darkness lingers;  it is true
But the Light is coming soon
With the dawn ..the shadows flee.
Morning star, come shine on me

No one's listening but the One
Who gave life to everyone
He is hearing, and can see
All that's hidden..all of me..

So, I'm speaking ..knowing well
One can hear, what I can't tell
Secrets sounding: soft and deep
Come and take them ..You can keep

Oh the mystery ...oh the love:
These will take me, high above;
To that throne.. that portal bright
Where God's waiting with His light

Saturday, February 16, 2019

A world, our busy-ness tries to hide

Would you ever have a moment to humbly listen and to see
That everywhere around you is filled with mystery
Do you have the patient willingness, to enter deep inside
And venture into a world our busy-ness tries to hide

The beautifulness and awesomeness; the imprints so Divine
Rest upon the universe and on everything continues to shine
We have only to take the moments; the seconds: one or two
To see that every single plantlet is waving "I love you"

All the world around us..everything: the plants and trees
Echo to us the sentiments of the One who constantly sees:
The Eternal and the Omnipotent..the Everlasting and the All
Is constantly displaying before us: He loves us: great and small

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The dance of morning

Whispering winding breezes, land softly on the trees
And suddenly they are dancing..and moving in the breeze
Like artists, who are on broadway; or dancers on the screen
The  oak trees and the pine trees start to sway gracefully and serene

Then the grass blades and the flowers pick up quickly the routine
And instinctively start flowing into some arabesques pristine
Like ballerinas and the danseurs they grace our gazing eyes
With wonderment and beauty and with sweetness from the skies

We see this, all God's beauty: all this exquisiteness all around
And are pulled into the rhythm and are soothed by all the sound
But our hearts are always seeking something new despite the price
Yet nothing can ever compare to this beauty before our eyes

Monday, February 11, 2019

Appreciating each day

As I sit here in this early morn, I can hear the soundings so clear
Of molecules and atoms colliding: moving all of the atmosphere
Yet the sounds they make are heard in me and not by the mortal ear
For silence is the sound they sing and I must still myself to hear

The echoing cosmos; the universe; the brilliant amazing sky
Are challenging me to search and seek and to even question:  why
For their mysteries are so sweet so  sure; their beauty so evident to all:
If only we could contemplate and see the One who inspires their call

While morning sun is rising up and lighting this world I see
I consider all who have seen it's glow and what their thoughts might be
Have they basked inside of its warming shine and not even thought at all
That this enormous star of light and warmth is needed by great and small

Do we take for granted our every it is something that'll always be
Not stopping to consider that this is all a gift with a message for you and me
Have we forgotten to read the cards attached...mystically written with  time
Reminding us that we are all so loved without need for any verse or rhyme?

Saturday, February 9, 2019

God's Light

What are you doing and who are you promoting.
Are you seeking applause or truly devoting,
Your life and your being; your breath and your song;
To your Creator and Maker:  your Support ever strong?

You cling to the Good Book like some charm or protection
But fail to comprehend  it is only for direction
SO you   read and you  read it but don't have the Spirit
For you fail to embody all the teachings that's in IT

If you would be God like and live like the martyrs
You'll have to stop bragging and be humble.. for starters
Just do what you're doing without need for the lime light
Then you'll become what the angels call "God's delight"

Friday, February 8, 2019

If we are willing

Doors are opening up at the break of the day
Curtains are drawn open and the night's gone away
All the world's awakening and the beautifulness too
What an awesome displayvis awaiting me and you

But we are too often unaware of the wonderfulness unseen
We rush around with agendas but haven't ever seen
The warming rays of sunshine or the softly blowing breeze
Creatures like the squirrels are jumping in the trees

Sitting inside the stillness or breathing in the dawn
Is something for the seekers who seek beauty before it's gone
But we haven't had the attraction or the umph to seek for more
Of what opens up each morning and falls from Heaven's store

So let us, if we are willing and if we are ready to see
The sacredness of creation, the treasures for you and me:
Let us open up every morning and let us open up every door
Like one who has gone mining for the Eternal's endless store

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Every day

Every day is a day for sharing
Someone,somewhere is in need of our caring
Yet, do we do we  even try
To reach out in warmness to someone passing by..

Every day is alive with so much opportunity
Doors open wide for our generosity
But are we willing and are we ready to share
Without expectations or debtors anywhere

Every day is a constant that's here
Bringing us beauty and our atmosphere
But do we even see it and do we even hear
The Essence that is echoing both far and near??

Friday, February 1, 2019

God is our happiness...

I heard her, the morning, while I was awakening
She spoke through the soundings the elements were making
The sun and the stars and the sky up above
Continued to sing it: that our God is all love

The creatures the plantlets, and the air that's around
Carry an energy that is in everything Found
The Sourceness ..the Greatness.. the touch that is Divine
Allowing me to find Him...without needing a Shrine

All who are being led now by the voice of the Spirit
Have nothing to do with this world or what's in it
They pass through it travelling but never do stay
Missioned by Heaven they lead others each day...

Buildings and edifices and cathedrals so tall
Eventually will crumble and fail us and fall
But one thing is certain as certain as the air
God is our happiness and He's is found everywhere...