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Sunday, January 27, 2019

God's gifts

Chilly air rests quietly and is touching my face
Every one of my senses are enveloped by grace
Something so natural and something so real
Can inspire my heart quickly.. with some praise for this chill

Like psalmists and prophets and like  sages of old
I want to create verses in the warm times and cold
Recognizing the Godness;  the providence; the love..
That comes with each season: sweet gifts from above..

Some times are really good times and some times   are bad
But all of them are proactive in the blessings I've had
From goodness of the Eternal from the wealth of His grace
Comes the measure of loving in each moment and place.

So quiet now your being and quiet now your heart
Listen ever intently to each moment that'll start
For every second; every minute: every hour passing by
Carries pockets of Wisdom: God's gifts for you and I

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