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Monday, January 28, 2019

Do you take time?

What are you doing as you wake up each day
Do you hurry and hustle without time to pray
Are you aware of the sunshine .or. aware of the air
Do you find yourself busy but never in prayer?

When you walk to your vehicle and are ready to run
Are you focusing on doing and what needs to be done
Have you moments of pondering... apart from the fuss
Do you remember, if briefly, Who gave life to us?

The morning, the evening,the night time,  each day
Have goings and comings and things in the way
But nothing's more certain than time that we breathe
Everything is planned out:  each second we receive

So stop for a moment and take time each day
Whisper some thank yous to God on your way
He's present and providing and in all that we do
He awaits our acknowledgments; our praises, it's true

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