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Saturday, November 3, 2018

True friends..

True friends will support us: not just for a day
They're present...ever present in a most special way
Through texting or smiling or liking a post
Friends are our friends without needing to boast

The proof of one's friendship is measured by time
Year after year they can inspire us to rhyme
They move us towards greatness, they're here till the end
Nothing's more priceless than the heart of a friend

So let's cherish our friends and let's give them some praise
Let's thank them for kindness: for unending days,
Of sharing and caring and being around
There's nothing more needed than a thank you's sweet sound

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  1. Greetings Joy. A Friendly piece that I enjoyed reading. Sorry I've been absent of late! I had a holiday in-between! I'll be back to catch up on your other pieces. Blessings to you. Love love, Andrew.


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