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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Today we are giving thanks

Today we are giving thanks for today and everyday
For blessings and happenings that have come along our way
Acknowledging the Great Greatness that has been ever on our side
We bow in adoration of This Everlasting Tide..

For friendship and trials and for all we have known
We whisper our gratitude for the Providence God has shown
For He is Loving and is Giving and is Ever in our space
Thanksgiving is a pausing for all to acknowledge This Lasting grace

The morning, and the evening and the noon time of this day
Reminds that we are so special a very special way
For we stop to remember them:  all the blessings we have received
From the hands of our Dear Creator in Whom we have believed

At the table we are now gathered and can see this gracious spread
Of love that is all incarnate in the dishes and in the bread
We can feel Him, the Great Holy Spirit of the ever Immortal One
Who has sent us our Dearest Savior as our Redeemer and His Son

Thank you ...oh yes, thank you.. to  each and every one of you today
For making this great memorial a most special and sacred day
Helping with all of your presence; your laughter and your cheer
To remember that we are a people who have blessed year after year

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  1. Greetings Joy. Yes, we must give thanks and praise to our Creator. Glad you appreciate the nice things in life, such as family and friendships. Blessings to you. A well-written piece that I enjoyed reading. Well done. Love love, Andrew.


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