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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Rays from the Eternal..

Sprinklets of the morning sun shines down on everyone
Rays of golden goodness warm the creatures as they run
Cooler weather brings its chill; but the star of morning shines
I see the silhouettes of grace: they're peeking through the vines.

Like a warrior rising up all proud,the golden globe appears
Majestic in its confidence... faithful throughout our years
Reaching down through atmospheres, heating up all the earth
This radiant ball of glowingness illuminates the morning's birth

Bask awhile and soak it all in: the warmth of this loving glow
It echoes in each ray that falls the goodness of One we know
The uniqueness of its mission and the magic within its shine
Reminds us that this world is but a prelude to The Everlasting Shrine

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