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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Nothing worse than a liar

There is nothing that's worse than one who will lie
Who fashions false stories without blink of the eye
Telling you one thing and then changing it  around
How awful is a falsehood and how bitter its sound

I know a few people who can embody this way
They're quick to deceive us in all that they say
Because of their status they feel they can lie
If only I could prove it but why should I try?

Like the foulest of odors, their story will smell
Each word is a maggot from the caverns of hell
They're proficient in telling their lines that deceive
They look at you sincerely and expect you to believe..

So what should we do when we encounter such a one
Is there anything at all that can even be done?
Should we act like one pursuing a criminal or thief
Or sit back and await it.. the truth's sweet relief..?

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