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Thursday, October 11, 2018

In sadness and joy

 Try to remember when the storm's passing through
 That millions of angels are all surrounding you
 They're  sent by The Father, with a mission of love
 They're watching, protecting and guarding from above..

 Times may seem devastating and impossible it's true
 But, watchful and ready, is a God who's  loving you:
 Awaiting your petitions; your pleading, your prayer
 That's asking and trusting  His guidance and His care

 Picking up the pieces of what seems utterly sad
 Might leave you with a mindset that is bitter and mad
 But letting go and letting God into the mess that's around
 Will make it all beautiful.. a masterpiece to be found.

 Heartbreaks and laughter and sadness and joy
 Can come from one household and still not destroy
 For the believer who is anchored and living God's grace
 Everything is a blessing and never out of place..

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