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Friday, October 12, 2018

Dancing with angels

All I can really say
is what I have always tried to say:
God has been with me, always,
and has blessed me along the way:
In the good times and the bad,
the daytime and the night:
God has kept his promises
and has been my Truest Light

Like One, Who is always watching;
but always on the side
God has been that Presence..
Who has kept me from my pride
He is quick to be my Partner;
but, so slow to take my part,
Whenever I am not acting
in accord with His Loving Heart

So today I am dancing with angels
and singing with all the best
Who have hovered over all the cities
and watched us as we rest
These guardians of all the peoples
and these spirits invisible to sight
Will help us as we continue to try to
walk towards the Lasting Light

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