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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Before the noisiness of dawn

I rise up before the birds begin to sing
And I can hear the songs that angels like to  bring
Like songs of love, of grace, and God and everything
Though it's  quiet, my heart can hear the secrets of the King

While, the rest of the world, around me, soundly sleeps
My heart is singing of things that angels like to keep
Like happiness hints and mysteries of the heavenly home
Inside these moments, my soul is free to run and roam

Like water rushing from an enormous ocean tide
My heart is overcome by countless hosts of angels by my side
Singing softly but intensely of the better brighter place
I cannot wait to spend my eternity inside this Sacred Space..

If only everyone could see it: the solemness of this sacred time
That takes this poet to places that makes her want to sing and rhyme
How many more would not rise and wonder and want to meditate
Before the noisiness of the morning makes it way too late...

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