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Saturday, June 9, 2018

It isn't out there

What it is it that can make a person happy and make another  one really sad
Is it, the acquisition of so much money;  is having it... what needs to be had
Why is it, then,  that the rich and the famous: the ones who can own their own store
Are suddenly fallen the  sullen victims of the insatiable desire for more

Could it be, that,  the very act of our wanting: the desire that is moving us all
Is not something that can we can acquire ..but a Someone we need to re- call
The inner thirst that is keeping us moving.. the working ..the staying up all night:
Is it not the unquenchable realization, that we are insatiable till we rest in the Light

So we go on, with all of our searching: through books and the endless store;
Seeking out that one satisfaction that will silence all our desires for more
Thus  we buy and we buy and we travel; and we run till we can no longer  run
We end up in the same place where we started   the place where it all had begun..

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