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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Do you have time?

Oh the soundings of this amazing early dawn
She is serenading all the creatures on the lawn
And those who wake to greet the early morning sun
Are in awe of all the activity that has already begun

The birds they wait around for their morning seed
But some will begin to peck around for what they need
All the world around me is starting to romp and creep
Through blades of grass that are slow to sigh or peep

Skies are graying because rain is wanting a little more time
To drench the earth with rythmic drops like some poetic rhyme
Fresh cooling airs are circling around as they appear
So very rare for this season and this time of year..

How beautiful, these moments, that are slowly passing away
Each second, that's expanding, has something nice to say
The words,  the sounds, are almost silent to the naked ear
So one must hush and be silent and allow the heart to hear...

Join me, now, if you think you have the will and time
To hear the earth as she is composing her poetic rhyme
Through every creature plantlet and the atmosphere
You wont be sorry you chose to open up some time to hear

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