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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Alive for me and you...

How slowly the morning overtakes the fleeing night
While sparrows and robbins serenade the approaching light
With chirping and melodies, they lift our souls from sleep
We can feel them and hear them: all the secrets that they keep

The rushing  could be so easy; but, what if we could pause
And savor every second:  so beautiful and without flaws...
The daylight, ever breaking and the sunlight always near
Both have their own versions of  "the creation"we can hear

So, soften, all your footsteps and step outside your door
And hear what is ever sounding and see what beauty is in store
The plantlets and the creatures and the grass so green we see
Are singing ever so sweetly and are inviting you and me

 I can tell you from experience from encounters real and true
 That the morning and the evening are alive for me and you
 We have only to take the moments and the seconds of each dawn
 To experience what is delightful before it is all withdrawn

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