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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Take a break...

Close your eyes now rest your heart
Let your worries all depart
in your sleep and in your rest
God can remove the "unwanted guest"

Shut the noise out.. close your mind:
See what wonders you can find.
Apart from everything, peace unbought;
Will restore you, as it ought

Take some time out.. yes you can
Take the moments to quietly stand;
In the void and empty room
Fruitful visions can come to bloom.

Don't you fear it.. don't you run
From the soundless overrun;
Of the Heavens, the Great Divine;
Let the Immortal in you  shine.

Slow your tempo ... slow your speed:
In this stillness, is all you need.
Deep connections, all unseen,
Clear your spirit: make it clean..

Softest soundings, echo deep:
Moving you throughout your sleep;
To that oneness, to that peace
You can share and give release


  1. Greetings Joy. A well-written poetic-piece that I enjoyed reading. Life can seem to be too fast at times, and we need to slow it down a little by enjoyed some rest, peace and tranquillity from some quiet time. Blessings to you. Love love, Andrew.

  2. Enjoyed watching and listening to the video you posted. Love love, Andrew.


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