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Monday, April 16, 2018

The weather's amiss

Will it be raining or will there be snow?
Springtime has come now; but, where did it go?
Thunder and lightning, snowfall and chill:
Something is happening, can this be real?

The weather is wandering ..far from its way
Springtime is winter, and there's more I can say
Winter is summer and the fall is the spring
Somehing is happening; do you know what I mean?

Mudslides and tremoring; forest fires and rain;
Sinkholes and tornadoes: disrupting the terrain
We're not use to seeing it such shifting as this
Good God please help us the weather's amiss

What's in this changing: the springtime so chill?
Something is hidden in these elements..I feel
All things have shifted and the universe is so ill
Apocalyptic happenings are becoming so real

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