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Sunday, April 1, 2018

The challenge of Easter

What is it,  the message,  of this beautiful day
Is it about it:  the candy or  the church along the way?
What is it, its meaning and what is it, we should we do?
Read it all,  in the  bible, it will enlighten us, it's true...

It isn't about it:  the hiding or the sticking to our own
Or running to the churches or the preaching on the phone
It isn't about the eating or the rising from the dead
The message is more meaningful, than the eating of The Bread...

So what is it about this Easter, this day we celebrate
Can we capture it for a moment; take time to meditate
It's taking over our networks; and stores capitalize
I wonder, yes, I  wonder:  is it a Gift from the skies???

The one thing I can remember from hearing it out loud
Is that Jesus told Mary to go out into the crowd
And to  tell them He's risen and tell them HE lives
Bring hope of His rising, I remember it like this

So why don't we  do this and why don't we go out
To bring hope to the desperate those suffering with doubt
And why can we not see it... that, we have had it all wrong
Easter isn't about the candy or the  services, so long..

If we're really the believers and following God's Son
Why is it we're so exclusive.... not inviting everyone
We think we're so religious but how far does it go?
Is it just for our families and the people we know?

After sermons and singing and the taking of bread
Is our world any better...are more people being fed?
Are we selfless and giving and like the One we believe
Easter is challenging us: to give out what we receive...

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