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Friday, March 9, 2018

When the morning star is seen

Beautiful branches on the tree
Hold Your secrets, Your  Mystery
In the breezes, passing through
I can hear it,  Your:   "I love you"

Skies all bright and golden too
Contain the clouds and colors of blue
Whirling winds and miles of earth
Cradle the elements of our rebirth...

In the waking and in the dawn
All the creatures all rise and yawn
Beautiful melodies sound and ring
Universe and creatures jointly sing..

Only the humans can rise and fight
Despite the beauty and despite the light
Though we're  different and apart  from each other
We're still  related: we're sister and brother

So when it's morning and her star is seen
Rise, with surrender, to what is serene
Resolve, inside you,  to look and to love
Every creature as the good God above..

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