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Saturday, March 10, 2018

When flowers all speak

Spring is now nearing the time will now change
Days are much longer and clouds rearrange
Flowers are in order and the showering galore
Tell us that winter will soon shut her door

The spryness of squirrelets; the jumping of deer
Initiate a joyfulness; bring playfulness near
Spring's in the forecast; the weather clouds sing:
Time for the showers and the flowers that spring..

Away with the warm clothes and on with the lighter
Cool refreshing beverages replace hot apple cider
Ocean waves beckon us, and invite us, and call
Spring break is nearing: come one and come all..

There's spring in our walking and joy our lips
The coldness of winter has had her last nips
The robins are signaling with crawlers in beak
It time for the season when flowers all speak..

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